Thorne Travel’s Tuk Tuk Visits Azamara


The Thorne Travel Tuk Tuk recently set off on a journey from Kilwinning through Barrhead as it made its way to meet the stunning Azamara ships and their captain! Were you lucky enough to spot our multi-award winning cruise expert John in the Tuk Tuk journey?

Thorne Travel Visits Azamara

As always, our Travel Team aims to have as much knowledge as possible to provide you with exceptional service and inside information prior to travelling. Recently our Cruising Director John took our Tropical TukTuk on a journey to Glasgow Port to meet Captain Philippe of the 5* Azamara Quest to discuss exciting facilities and services on offer for next year.

The lovely Captain Philippe also took a moment to take part in a small photo-shoot with our Team! You can see some of the behind-the-scenes snaps below!

Azamara Quest will win you over in two ways. The first is the down-to-earth friendliness of its passengers and crew. From the fist-bumping officers and chatty shipmates at the bar to the sheer exuberance of the White Party as passengers schmooze and dance for hours on the pool deck, this upscale ship knows how to have fun in a grown-up, non-cheesy way.

Thorne Travel Visits Azamara

The second is the ship’s — really the entire cruise line’s — focus on destinations. From longer stays and overnights in ports to an emphasis on local foods, unique shore excursions and a lack of sea days, Azamara Club Cruises targets passengers for whom the destination — not the ship — is the real focus of their vacation.


Quest carries its own touring bikes for cycling tours and hosts a free evening shoreside event, called an AzAmazing Evening, on nearly every cruise, to make sure all passengers get a glimpse into the local culture. Azamara wants you to explore the destination, whether it’s on your own or on one of its tours, and is constantly finding new ways to make that happen.


John also took a moment to ask a few questions as to what Cruising may look like in the future, some of the measures that cruise lines are introducing include:

  • Taking temperatures on arrival
  • Health questionnaire prior to boarding
  • Hand sanitizers at the ports and top and bottom gang way


John also gave us some insight into the benefits of cruising as opposed to flying:

“Waking up somewhere new everyday, as an explorer I love the opportunity to travel the world and see somewhere new. Cruising gives you that option, allowing you to unpack only once and stay in one location.

Cruising takes away the need to pack up and travel between airports – this can be time consuming and exhausting for those who want to see several destinations on the one get-away. You can even add days staying at a destination to the start and end of your holiday if there is somewhere you really want to explore more.

Even better, most cruises have All Inclusive or Full Board options, meaning you have everything in one place. Including fantastic entertainment, an abundance of activities on board, a choice of restaurants and an even bigger choice of entertainment. That’s all before you’ve even stepped off the ship!

It’s a win win!”

Are you looking to plan your next Cruising Adventure? Contact our multi-award winning travel team and let our extensive knowledge and information help you create the holiday of your dreams!