Riviera River Cruises


Riviera Travel is the perfect way to see the world from the water. From breathtaking expeditions along the Nile to romantic, champagne-filled excursions along the Seine, Riviera Travel offers over 140 travel itineraries to fit both your budget and wanderlust ideas.

Explore the world’s waterways with immersive itineraries and exciting excursions by a truly unique river cruise line. River cruises with Riviera Travel will transport you through time and cultures; each voyage as unforgettable as the next as you reach all corners of the globe and cross the world’s greatest waterways. From pre and post-cruise hotels to local guides and tours, there is no compromise on quality – merely complete peace of mind.

Every itinerary has been thoughtfully crafted by Riviera and provide fascinating perspectives on the culture, history, gastronomy, art and architecture of they places. And much like a well-told story, every detail is carefully considered, from the stops they make to the routes they take. Riviera ensures there is free time, so you can continue exploring at your own pace.

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