Meet Our Latest Team Member!


If you are unfamiliar with Thailand and Southeast Asia, then at this point you may be asking “What is a tuk-tuk?” Tuk-tuk is a general term for Thailand’s version of a motorized rickshaw.
After falling in love with one on her travels, our Managing Director Shona thought it would be only fitting to have one join our Travel team! This fantastic little Tuk Tuk will be visiting from town to town in style, delivering tickets directly to your door on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and more!

Here are some interesting facts about the Tuk Tuk which you may not have known!


  • The vehicles known as Tuk-Tuk originated in Japan by Daihatsu but it was Thailand who went into production with these vehicles many years ago.
  • The name Tuk-tuk comes from the sound that the Tuk-tuk makes. If you have ever been in a tuk-tuk you can easily realise that they can make some popping or other sounds when it starts up or at other times. So this is where the name tuk-tuk came from. In Egypt, the tuk-tuks are called tok toks.
  • During the 2015 Miss Universe Beauty pageant, Miss Thailand won best costume when she wore a stylised Tuk Tuk as her national outfit, she wore an accent piece with headlights and shield and her dress had a circular shape like the front of the tuk tuk.
  • Motorised Tuk Tuks originated from the original rickshaw, a small engine was  fitted inside & the Tuk Tuk was born.
  • A advanced engineering firm in the UK has designed what it says is a modern equivalent for the famous ‘Tuk-Tuk’,  “This a modern, clean running version of the legendary Tuk-Tuk, which has been so successful in mobilising millions of people in India, South-East Asia and South America.
  • Lisbon, Portugal has self proclaimed themselves as the E-Tuk Capital of the world as their tuk-tuks are now electric and pollution free.
  • Tuk-tuks can go very fast. Matt Everard from England set a new world record for how fast a Tuk-tuk can go. His Tuk-tuk was timed on a track at the Elvington Airfield near York, England. His Tuk-tuk was able to go 74.306mph (119.583kmh). As part of the requirement he had to have a passenger in the back, so his cousin, Russell Shearman, volunteered to be his passenger.
  • They also go far. Two teachers drove 42Km around the world in a TukTuk in 6 months, through 39 countries in a three wheeled tuk tuk, they are both now the proud owners of the worlds record for “Worlds longest TukTuk journey” they did so to promote world education.
  • While Tuk Tuks are made in Thailand, there are also models that are made in India and other Asian countries. Of course, the best tuk tuk manufacturers are found in Thailand. They even export to European countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland AND Kilwinning!!
  • There are many global variations of TukTuks, in Asia alone the 3 wheeled vehicles are called bajaj in Jakarta and bemo in Bali.  In Bangladesh they are called CNGs, and in the Philippines they are called tricycles.


Keep your eyes peeled and spot our little tropical Tuk Tuk making journeys between towns! This little gem can be spotted a mile away and is sure to bring you a smile with its bright colours and holiday vibes! If you would like to have our Tuk Tuk visit you for a special occasion or to deliver a holiday message as a gift, get in touch to make arrangements with a member of our team!