North America


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Orlando, Florida is one of the world’s dream family destinations, with thrilling theme parks and wild water parks abound.


With so much to choose from you may not know exactly where you want to go, but you will know what interests you and Canada has plenty to offer.

New York

A luxury holiday in New York will make you feel like part of the elite, in one of the world’s favourite destinations. Stay in iconic hotels, dine in exquisite restaurants, pamper yourself in award-winning spas and shop around iconic streets.

Las Vegas

There are many reasons why one should visit Las Vegas. Known as the ultimate playground, the city is colorful and vibrant, making it an ideal destination for various travelers looking to explore its entertainment, cuisine, and nightlife scene.


From its celebrated coastline to its broad heartland and granite Sierra peaks, California offers a lifetime of vacations in one Golden State. In a place this big and diverse, there is truly something for everyone—and plenty left over to keep you coming back.

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