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The reasons for travelling through Europe are endless. An abundance of unique history, culture and stunning natural beauty is just the start! Unique cuisine and the blend of 50 states allows for unique exploration – no two places are the same!


A trip to Barcelona can be exceptional with the city leading the way in cutting edge cuisine, an inviting climate, historic architecture & inspiring museums, a multitude of beaches and excellent shopping.


Iceland’s summers are surprisingly warm, with days lengthening until midsummer, when the sun dips down to the horizon but never sets.


Gorgeous beaches, warm water and glorious year-round sunshine make a stay on the Algarve the dream holiday.


Explore the city of love with Thorne Travel.

Thorne Travel will offer you a choice of selected luxury hotels all within walking distance of the major sights.


Known as the ‘Eternal City’, Rome’s stunning architecture and glorious monuments and colossal remains will truly take you back in time. Possibly more than anywhere else in the world, Rome is a true mix of old and new.

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