Lauren Ballantyne

Compliance & Audit Manager

I am the Compliance and Audit Manager here at Thorne Travel. I have been working in the travel industry for over 5 years now and I am so proud to work with such an amazing team of people who support you in every aspect of your work and personal life.

I have definitely caught the travel bug after being blessed to have visited so many amazing destinations. I am a very focused person and my attention to detail is scary sometimes but this is why my job role suits me so much as I take pride in making sure that the lasting memories that our customers have dreamt of, every detail, is fulfilled.

Favourite Places

My top 2 favorite destination are without a doubt:

Thailand and Iceland

Like chalk and cheese but with one similarity, once you go you will always crave to go back. Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice, it’s sheer natural beauty is just captivating in itself and there is so much to see that merits a return trip.

It is a very tiring but worthwhile trip, we did 3 excursions in the time we were there and my favorite was definitely the visit to the blue lagoon – how i wish I was back relaxing in that natural oasis!

Thailand tops everywhere i have been, it is just breathtaking. We travelled there as a young family and it was the best experience we have ever had. The atmosphere, culture, food and people are second to none.

Over our 2 weeks, we did a mixture of beach and city resorts in 3 destinations, we had lazy days at the hotels as they were so grand and excursions to see cultural shows, temples and the elephant rescue sanctuary. It offers so much to every type of traveler from younger to older, from solo to families.

Travel Tips

Book trips in advance as it can definitely save you a lot of time, money and stress.

We always book our excursions before we go as it just makes it more relaxing when you are away not having to worry about where to go and what to do!

Also if you want to visit a particular restaurant etc that you have seen is popular try and make reservations for that too so you don’t miss out!

Being a parent this tip is one I’ve learned, always leave a little extra time as wee legs can’t rush as fast as yours to make that plane! Taking extra time, especially with little ones, this applies to all aspects of your trip not just the airport experience.

Don’t over pack, my partner and I are opposites when it comes to luggage, I definitely pack far more than is required “just in case”, but he is very good at reminding me that we are not going to the middle of nowhere there will be shops if we do need something, so slowly I have relaxed my packing habits a little and it definitely makes it less stressful prior to going away.

Where I have visited

Where I have visited

I have travelled to many places via both my personal life and via the business on what we refer to as “FAM” trips. Here are some, to name a few:

  • Thailand
  • Iceland
  • Dubai
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Dublin
  • Wales
  • Cardiff
  • France
  • England
  • London
  • Various places in my home of Scotland
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Austria

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