24 Hours In Paris!


On Saturday 25th of July, two of our own Team Members made the quick journey over the Channel and into Paris! Given the current circumstances during COVID, our Team chose to travel themselves to experience what it is like to travel during COVID.

Here is how our Team felt after travelling!

How did you both feel before travelling?

“For the most part just excited – understandably some people may be a bit apprehensive about travelling at the moment, this was completely put at ease when we arrived at the airport and saw just how many measures had been put in place to look after customers”

What were the differences you noticed at the airport?

“I was very impressed with how the airport and it’s staff are handling the situation. Like everyone they are keen for customers to be flying again, and they understand that to do so we need to do it safely.

All staff wore masks and face coverings, there were hand sanitizing stations throughout the airport, protective glass and thermal temperature checks in place and people applied social distancing measures.

I am asthmatic, so it was a huge comfort to see others taking face coverings seriously for the sake of those who can’t wear them due to medical issues – just remember to take a copy of any medical forms with you to prove this!”

How did you feel on the airplane?

 “Excited! Seeing the airplane brought back the excitement and buzz that comes with travelling! – Passengers are to scan there own boarding card at the departure gate, which can save some time.

When embarking and disembarking the aircraft this is done a row at a time, this stopped chaos that can happen when everyone tries to rush off the plane at once.  Face coverings were worn on the flight, which no one had any issues with.

Full in-flight service included snacks, hot and cold drinks, alcoholic beverages and duty-free goods – the same as what we are used to!

Sanitizing is implemented. It is also a comfort to know that fresh air is constantly being brought into the aircraft from outside. There is no queuing allowed outside of the bathrooms – this avoids any form of queue being created down the aisle (probably a good thing anyway)”

When you arrived in Paris, did you feel like the experience was different due to social distancing and other measures?

Social distancing and hygiene measures really didn’t impact our time away. We were still able to visit the destinations we wanted to. The only difference is having to wear a face-mask to protect ourselves and others.

We were able to book a restaurant and enjoy a meal without any major differences. Staff of course wear PPE and distancing is maintained indoors.


What advice would you give to others travelling?

Be organized. Book restaurants or any activities in advance (this is always something we advise on anyway to avoid disappointment!) As social distancing measures are in place these places are having to reduce numbers, so be organized and pack plenty of face coverings and a small hand sanitizer.

Don’t overthink the situation – measures are in place to keep you safe while you travel, every step of the way staff were doing their very best to maintain these measures to allow you to travel with ease – and enjoy your time away!


If you have any questions for Christiane or John on their recent trip please feel free to contact them on 01294 559949 or email enquiries@thornetravel.com