Canadian culture


Canada is a huge country in every sense; huge in size, huge on adventure, and huge on fun.

With so much to choose from you may not know exactly where you want to go, but you will know what interests you and Canada has plenty to offer. Witness the Northern Lights, take an epic cross-country train through the rocky mountains or take a motor-home journey to explore the landscapes to see amazing wildlife up close and embrace the great outdoors. Canada is a holiday that can promise city chic with historical old quarters, the french elegance of Montreal and and a trip to the East Coast of Canada would not be complete without visiting magnificent Niagara falls. A few of the must see sights in Canada are:

  • Toronto CN Tower
  • Niagara Falls
  • Rockies Mountain Tour
  • Skiing in Banff
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Food Walking Tours

We can tailor-make your itinerary to incorporate the adventure that is right for you. Why not chat to us now and ask our experts to send you flying to Canada to experience the towering mountains, stunning glaciers and turquoise lakes.

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