Explore the outback


Australia is also a land of staggering contrast and spectacular beauty.

Travelling to Australia comes with certain guarantees; one is that the land of Australia is so vast and varied that it is a destination which will excite and inspire wonder in equal measures. This is the ideal destination for unique holiday experiences, half the world away. With iconic attractions and beach and barbie lifestyle you can see why it’s always one of the worlds most desirable destinations.

Appearing high on wish lists and in once-in-a-lifetime travel plans, Australia is vast and iconic. Awe-inspiring landscapes of rugged Outback and glorious beaches with natural wonders. Watch as rock formations change colour in the light of the day, sail or swim through glistening waters alongside whale sharks and dolphins, and drive along one of the world’s most scenic coastal roads.

Which ever cosmopolitan city you start your adventure at, each will open up an exciting path of options. Each will have diversity & charm all within your reach. A few of the many experiences in Australia include:

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Whether you wish to start in New South Wales, Queensland or Tasmania here at Thorne Travel we will be able to guide and you through the options available for your holiday.

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