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Why Tour Scotland with Thorne Travel?

Sometimes people do not know where they want to go but they do generally know how they want to feel. Whether that feeling is exhilaration, relaxation or inspiration Scotland has got you covered.

Enjoy a world famous steam train journey that will leave any Harry Potter fan in awe. Escape to an exclusive adult’s only luxury lodge in Dundee. Bridge jump over the beautiful River Gary near Pitlochry. View the breathtaking fairy pools on the Isle of Skye. Add to that reputedly the most beautiful beach in Britain, the wild and spectacular Sandwood Bay in Kinlochbervie, 1.5 miles of wide pink sand.

Braveheart, Outlander, Mary queen of Scot and the NC500 may have catapulted Scotland into the international limelight of late but there is so much more to this majestically intriguing country.

To know it is to love it, so go on tour Scotland! Yes we are unapologetically patriotic; you would be too if you lived here! Who better to trust with your tour than Scotland’s very own Number 1 Travel agency Thorne Travel!

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